Donnerstag, 2. November 2017

Just another weatherstation with an ESP8266

What i want to show is my idea of a weatherstation. It includes the following sensors:

- BMP280 (Humidity, Temperature, Pressure)
- Moisture/ Rain

- Winddirection
- Windspeed

The ESP reads out all the sensors. He is possible to send the data to a tingspeak account, and additional to my personal webserver via a GET - command. So in the future i will be able to evaluate the data (Is it raining? How bright is it? Cloudy or Night?) and to take some further (and maybe very inaccurate) steps into weather forcasts.

The ATMega328 is only to control the system. It starts the ESP after a pre-configured time and also shuts it down, so if there is no connection to the Internet, the ESP won't run out of Battery.

The Battery has a capacity of 1500mAh at 3,7V. The Solar-Panels have a Pmax of 5,5Wa at Vpmax of 18V and Ipmax of 0,3A.