ESP8266: LED-Matrix Control by Webinterface

According to my interest in LEDs, I build a LED-Matrix as my first real Electronics Project. Now, some days ago, I found the Channel of Tyler Jones, who has written a Tool to easy create animations for WS2812-based LED-Matrices. My thought was, that it is very inconvenient that you have to use a PC and have to upload the new code to the Arduino. Of course, you can also take Gleadiator from Solderlabs, but this also requires a Java-able device.
With this thought I went to the PC and searched for a Webinterface, which is able to control a LED-Matrix, but all the webinterfaces are used to controll the whole LED-Strip in only one color (if you don't know what I mean, click here). In this moment I decided to write my own Webinterface, to control LED-Matrices, or for another use, to control a lot of WS2812-LEDs independent from each other.
Today I came out with the first results. The webpage consists of an HTML5 Color Picker (only supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera), a piece of text which shows the color-hexvalue and (at least) one button to control the first LED:

Now it finally works! I can change the buttons color in the webinterface and I am also able to change the LEDs behavior:

To do for the next days:
- improve the websites design
- Create options to change the size of the matrix
- maybe add some presets
- maybe make it possible to store layouts

Thats it for now, new updates will be released in the next days and weeks.

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